A Late Summer Night’s Walk Out To Our Farm

After a short walk from our house to the farm using the path we created this year


We arrive at the farm that looked like this in May


Here is the farm now with 6 plots under cultivation:


There are beautiful fall brassicas growing


Lettuce mix of different ages



Beds of swiss chard so pristine it makes you wonder why anyone needs pesticides when they look this good without them…


Stunning beds of cutflowers


Pumpkins that will ripen shortly before the frost dances in October


Next years strawberry plants


A young fall crop of spinach


A wonderful sandy loam soil freshly seeded with fall cover crops


And amazing sunsets


The farm now supports itself.  Everything (financially) was done from income generated from the farm.  All farm income comes from local customers, and, to that end, this is the farm our customers have built.  This is the farm Ontario, Mansfield, Lexington, and Shelby have built.  With each CSA share, with every sale at every Farmers’ Market, with folks calling and asking if we have 20 quarts of strawberries, our customers have supported our farm.  We no longer add any of our off farm income to the farm.  All that we add is our time, and we are more than happy to add it.  We’re proud of this farm, and, hopefully, our customers, and communities, are as well.

Thank  you all.  This plot of land is our canvas, we “paint” a little more on it every day.

-The Saltzgivers

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