Help save the monarch butterfly

This adorable insect that we all know and love is on the verge of extinction, and unless people act, future generations may never experience the joy of seeing them flutter about peacefully from flower to flower in summer time. Female monarch butterflies only lay their eggs on milkweed plants.  The larvae that hatch from the eggs…

CSA pickup

This is our second week of the 2015 CSA season.  Here’s our spread of produce that was available for the farm members to pick up: Here’s what an individual share looked like this week: CSA subscribers this week received leaf lettuce, radishes, kale, turnips, lettuce mix, green onions, strawberries, and garlic scapes.  

The garlic is doing well

It’s about 3 weeks since the garlic pushed up out of the ground.  They have put on quite a bit of growth in that time!

The garlic is up!

Last fall, we received our seed garlic bulbs.  The variety were are growing is a hard neck garlic called “Russian Red”. We separated the cloves individually And planted them in a deeply worked bed in late October Now, in mid March, just days after the ground had thawed, they have already sprouted!  It is so…

2015 CSA

We are now accepting new 2015 CSA subscriptions as well as subscriptions for our returning members, head on over to our CSA page for more details.

A Late Summer Night’s Walk Out To Our Farm

After a short walk from our house to the farm using the path we created this year We arrive at the farm that looked like this in May Here is the farm now with 6 plots under cultivation: There are beautiful fall brassicas growing Lettuce mix of different ages Beds of swiss chard so pristine it makes…