Our Equipment

In 2014, our farm expanded in size rather significantly.  We needed a small, yet capable, 4 wheel drive tractor to get things done more quickly.  A Kubota BX 2370 with a 50″ roto tiller, front end loader, and 60″ mid mount mower was added to our farm equipment:


For smaller areas, or for between row cultivation of larger areas, the Grillo G-85D is still a very valuable tool for a market farm such as ours.



For direct seeding, we use a Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder, and while it is far from precise, it does an adequate job of metering seeds and saves a tremendous amount of time.   Almost all of our cover crops are also seeded using the Earthway seeder, and it does a wonderful job with grains and larger leguminous cover crops.


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