From our farm to your table…


We’ve gone a while without posting on our blog, so, here comes one now.

We took a lot of pictures this week as we harvested and cleaned our produce.  It comes out of the soil looking quite a bit different than it does by the time it shows up at market or in your CSA share.

We dig all of our root crops with a garden fork including these carrots


Here’s the harvest tote full of our carrots


We then wash them by hand until they look like this


Snap peas take a long time to pick from the vines, but we place them directly in the pint containers, as they require no washing


We harvest our green onions with the garden fork



Place them into harvest totes


Then rinse them


Then we bunch and trim them for the final presentation


Radishes also take quite a bit of work as they look like this when we pull them from the soil


We rinse them each individually, and bunch them, and this is what we bring to market


Finally, here is a large haul of some beautiful buttercrunch lettuces just harvested and rinsed and ready for market!


Happy 4th of July!





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