Early fall on the farm

The days are shorter, the nights are colder, but there are still many crops on our farm still growing very well in this milder weather.

Here are some radishes and our last planting of beans growing very well


Very close to them are our fall plantings of cabbages, broccoli, and kale


This time of year is also perfect for full size heads of lettuce



Fall (and late summer) is also a very important time to seed cover crops.  These are a vital part of the fertility program of organic farms.  Cover crops reduce erosion, take up nutrients from the sub-soil, fix nitrogen from the air, and add organic matter to the soil.  They do all this for just the cost of the seed and time spent planting them.  This year, we planted a mixture of oats and field peas.



Finally, here are two wider pictures of the farm and all of our plots that are in production.   It’s hard to believe that the 2015 growing season is already nearing the end…



We would like to offer a heartfelt “Thank you” to each and every farm member and farmers’ market customer who came out this year and supported local growers.  Your commitment to locally grown food and small family farms is to be commended.





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