Our Seed Starting Mix

We made our first batch of our custom seed starting mix today.  We have been very happy with the performance of this mix and wanted to share the recipe here for anyone interested.  It is a great mix for using soil blocks, but also excels in plug trays, pots, or any container you can think of.

Instructions: (The “cup” is your basic kitchen measuring cup)

Place 15 gallons of peat moss in a large wheelbarrow

Add 1/2 cup limestone and mix

Add 1 cup granular organic fertilizer (We use Fertrell Feed N Grow purchased from Fedco) and mix

Add 5 gallons compost and mix

Add 5 gallons perlite and mix until it looks like this:

Seed Starting Mix
Seed Starting Mix

This yields about 25 gallons of mix.  It has sufficient nutrients to carry almost all of your seedlings to transplant age.

When you are ready to use it, make sure you add water and mix it until it is moist before placing it into the growing container.  If placed into the potting containers dry, it will be extremely difficult to get the mix wet enough to support vigorous plant growth.

Happy growing!


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