Supplies for small farmers

Small farmers need equipment and supplies just like large scale growers, but finding the items in the quantities they need at a price that is reasonable can sometimes be difficult.  I thought it might be helpful to share the websites of companies we use here for things such as seeds, berry tills, bags, rubber bands, twist ties, seed starting supplies, business cards, and soil amendments.

For seeds, we use primarily Fedco Seeds and Johnny’s Selected Seeds.  Both have a fantastic selection of seeds and tools and cultural information about the seeds they sell.  Fedco has fantastic prices on their seeds, especially at very small packet sizes, so if you are a small home gardener, Fedco prices are very tough to beat.

For seed starting supplies, such as 1020 trays, pots, and small plastic labels, we use either Novosel Enterprises or the Greenhouse Megastore.  The deciding factor come purchase time tends to be which one is having the better sale.

For market supplies, such as paper bags, plastic bags, scales, berry tills, signs, and twist ties, we use Glacier Valley.

At the beginning of our first season, we used rubber bands of various sizes for our produce that is sold in bunches, but over time, we switched to using large twist ties as it is easier and takes less time.  These can be found here.

For soil amendments and cover crops in small quantity, we use Fedco Organic Growers Supply.  If you need larger quantities, find a local source, as the shipping costs of large amount of these items become prohibitive.



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