What’s growing?

Here’s the list of whats currently in the ground as of May 31, 2013:

Snap Pea:  Sugar Ann

Leeks: King Richard

Onions: Copra, Redwing, Evergreen Hardy White

Broccoli : Arcadia, Tendergreen

Cabbage: Gonzales

Lettuce: Two Star, Green Forest

Lettuce Mix: Fedco Blend

Spinach: Space

Carrot: Scarlet Nantes, Nelson

Strawberries: Jewel (June bearing), Seascape (Everbearing)

Radish: French Breakfast, Cherry Belle


Beans : Provider

Tomatoes: Jet Star, Rutgers, Sun Gold, Sweet Treats

Peppers: Revolution, Flavorburst, Early Jalapeno

Cucumber: Ministro

Celery: Tango

Zucchini: Spineless Beauty

Yellow Summer Squash: Zephyr

Tomatillo: Verde Puebla

Husk Cherries

Swiss Chard: Bright Lights

Beets: Touchstone Gold

Sweet Corn: Trinity

Eggplant: Pingtung Long

After the rain storm, I took a quick trip to the the strawberry bed to find:


The first ripe strawberry of the season!  The strawberry bed looks amazing this year, and we hope to provide many quarts of strawberries to the market this season!




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